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Halloween Safety Tips

halloween dog
Most of us know that chocolate can be very dangerous to our furry friends.  But there are other potential dangers at Halloween time that pet owners should be aware of.

Party on, Wayne
While the humans celebrate, the 4-legged guests may be waiting for that tasty tidbit of food to fall onto the floor.  Many foods can cause stomach upset, vomiting, and diarrhea when ingested.  Other foods such as raisins, onions, artificial sweeteners (such as in sugar-free candy), and even some nuts and seeds can be dangerous or even deadly.  Also be on the lookout for small toys, candy wrappers, and other discarded items that could cause choking or intestinal blockage if swallowed.  And let’s not forget the beverages – alcohol is a definite no-no for pets!

Ding dong
Some pets go bananas when the doorbell rings.  So it stands to reason that some pets go out of their furry minds on Halloween due to the doorbell ringing over and over.  Many animals find the constant opening of the door to trick or treaters a perfect opportunity to dash outside.  Be sure that all pets are wearing collars with ID tags (and better yet, are microchipped), just in case they make an escape.  If you anticipate a large amount of visitors, pets are best off confined to a separate room where they are safe from the noise and opening of the door.  Dogs who are used to being crated may be quite comfortable in a crate, however, Halloween night is not the time to introduce a dog to a crate for the first time.

You light up my life
Candles may make your jack-o-lantern look great, but never leave them burning around unattended pets (or children).  Curious critters may go in for a closer look and end up with singed whiskers, or worse.  Use battery-operated LED candles, or simply snuff them out before leaving the room.

The same glow sticks that light the way for your trick or treaters are tempting chew toys for pets.  Their teeth can easily pierce the plastic, causing the chemical contents to spill into their mouths, also creating a choking hazard.  Keep these out of paws’ reach, and ensure children do the same.

Oh look, another pumpkin
Sure, Fido looks adorable dressed up, but is he as thrilled as you are?  While some pets don’t appear to mind costumes, others are miserable and are likely passing their time plotting their revenge.  If your pet truly seems content dressed up, just be sure the costume isn’t too tight and doesn’t have any small pieces that could be ingested.

Just in case…
It is our hope that you will never need to go to the emergency clinic, but it’s always good to have their phone number on hand, just in case.  The Capital District Veterinary Referral Hospital offers 24-hour care 8:00 am Friday to 8:00 am Tuesday, and overnight care Tuesday through Thursday 5:00 pm to 8:00 am.  They are located at 222 Troy-Schenectady Road (Route 2) in Latham, and their phone number is 785-1094.

To all our clients and furry friends, have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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