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Warm weather tips

Summer is finally here! Here are some tips for keeping our furry friends safe and cool.


Made in the Shade
Make sure your pets have a shady place to get out of the sun and plenty of fresh, clean water. Go easy on the exercise, and limit time outdoors when it’s extremely hot.

Face time
Dogs with flat faces (like pugs, shihtzus, and bulldogs) have a tougher time in hot weather because they can’t pant as effectively.  Elderly, overweight, or ill pets should also be kept cool in air-conditioned rooms as much as possible. 

No Parking!
Never leave your animals alone in a parked vehicle. Even on a 72 degree day, and even with the windows open, your car can easily reach 100 degrees or more in just a few minutes. Air conditioning can fail, so this is not always a safe option. Leaving pets unattended in a vehicle is also illegal in many areas.

Street Smarts 
Don’t let dogs linger on hot pavement, as their sensitive paw pads can easily burn.

Make a Safe Splash
Never leave pets unsupervised around water. Be sure to rinse your dog off after swimming to remove chlorine or salt, and try to keep them from drinking pool water.

Party Animals
During warm weather festivities, remember to keep alcohol and other “people food” away from pets. They can cause anything from mild stomach upset to severe distress, and some foods (such as chocolate, raisins, and sugar-free products) can be poisonous and even deadly to pets.

Visit the Vet 
We highly recommend that dogs be kept on heartworm preventative year-round – most brands will also protect against intestinal parasites.  Flea and tick preventatives are also a must.

Heat Stroke – Know the Warning Signs
Signs of heat stroke can include:

  • Skin is hot to the touch
  • Rapid panting
  • Drooling
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Weakness / loss of coordination
  • Seizure
  • Collapse / unconsciousness

If you think your pet is showing symptoms of heatstroke, move them to a cool area and contact your veterinarian immediately! While mild cases may be treated at home, severe cases can end in death very quickly.  Do NOT immerse your pet in ice water – instead, apply cool water or wet towels.  Cooling too quickly can be just as dangerous.

Our pets rely on us to protect them and keep them comfortable and safe year round. Remember, if you’re hot, your pets are definitely hot!

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