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Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful and meaningful holiday. During this happy time of family, food and giving, we all want to be sure our furry family members are included in the festivities.  Here are some important tips to help keep your “Pumpkin Pie” or “Little Turkey” safe!

Too much of a good thing
A few nibbles of boneless, skinless cooked turkey or a taste of mashed potato shouldn’t pose a problem for most pets. However, don’t allow them to overindulge, as they could wind up with a case of stomach upset, diarrhea, or even worse – an inflammatory condition called pancreatitis. If your pet is on a restricted diet or doesn’t usually handle new food well, pick out a new toy instead, to make him feel special during the holiday.

Make no bones about it
Turkey bones can easily splinter and lacerate (cut) your pet’s intestines, or cause a blockage – both which can be life threatening. Immediately dispose of the turkey carcass outside in the trash, and be sure to keep an eye on your garbage can indoors.  Pets can hit the jackpot and eat large amounts of table scraps, bones, and food wrappings faster than you can say “where’s the dog?”

‘Tis the seasoning
Fresh or powdered garlic and onions, found in stuffing and used as a general seasoning, damage pets’ red blood cells, which can lead to anemia. Grapes, raisins, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, artificial sweeteners (such as in sugar-free foods), and bread dough can also be very dangerous if ingested.

Quiet time
Make sure your pet has a quiet retreat should the holiday festivities be too much for him. Consider confining him to a crate or bedroom if he is easily stressed by all the activity, or if you know he is prone to stealing people food.

Just in case…
It is our hope that you will never need to go to the emergency clinic, but it’s always good to have phone numbers on hand, just in case (all open 24/7):

Capital District Veterinary Referral Hospital  (formerly Capital District Animal Emergency Clinic)
222 Troy Schenectady Road (Route 2),  Latham (12110)

Upstate Veterinary Specialties Emergency Care
152 Sparrowbush Rd, Latham (12110)

Northway Animal Emergency Clinic

35 Fawn Road, Gan­sevoort (12831)

We will be open 8am – 5 pm on Wednesday 11/23/16 and closed on Thanksgiving Day

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